Just Love ???…

when we feel in love with someone until we give our hearts to him, after we saw there was something special that makes us so interested
when it must have occurred to no one else who could replace him. It is frequently spoken words in the beginning in a relationship …
but what’s the story if you stumble on the road gravel that could destroy everything ???… Now that a lot of such cases occur, there is a cheat, Backstreet, relationships without any status, or
the name of friendship and others.

If it is not based with a strong love and commitment between two parties … ya.. just have to wait just destruction …
if you do not want to happen … just keep our hearts and our feelings do best … which will not be debased us guys …



  1. riFFrizz Said:


  2. dafhy Said:

    just love? maybe

  3. ciwir Said:

    lama nggak apdet mbak rosi…

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